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After 30 years of following the homeschool movement, we’ve learned something about homeschool graduates’ academic and socio-economic successes through various studies.

But what about the spiritual condition of this first generation of home education?  How did we do? Where are our children today? What were the educational, cultural, relational, and spiritual influences in their lives?

To answer these questions, there is a survey that is taking a close look at those who were raised in Christian homes. This survey, called the Gen 2 Survey, is for every young person between 18-38 years of age, whether they are Christian, Non-Christian, Public Schooled, Private Schooled, or Homeschooled.  With questions on church experiences, family relationships, personal and family devotions, choice of education and curriculum, music, books, entertainment, worldview, and political views, and more, we believe this survey will give us fascinating data.  We look forward to sharing the findings of this survey as we learn the successes and to warn of the pitfalls experienced over the last generation. To gather these data…


1.      Please pass this survey on to every young person you know who is 18-38 years of age (especially those who were raised in Christian homes in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s).

2.      Pass it along to homeschool organizations, churches, homeschool support groups, or any family you know with older children. Dr. Brian Ray, president of the National Home Education Research Institute, whom many of you know, is the principal investigator. Feel free to use any text from this e-mail or contact us for promotional materials.

The survey is anonymous (there is no tracing of answers to sources).  It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and each participant enters a contest to WIN ONE OF THREE I-PAD MINIs!

Click here to visit the Survey Webpage:

Thank you for your help!



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