Please Support HB1013 and Attend the House Education Committee Hearing on March 17th from 11am-1pm in Harrisburg

Make plans to attend the House Education Committee Hearing for Pennsylvania House Bill 1013 on Monday, March 17th from 11am-1pm at the Harrisburg Capitol, Irvis Office Building , Room G-50 !

We have a strong group of men representing homeschoolers. Please pray for them as they prepare their presentations before the House Education Committee.

Filling the room with homeschoolers who want state laws to eliminate the redundant and burdensome evaluation of our education program is a powerful message in itself.  Please share this email to your homeschool co-op, support group and homeschooling

IMPORTANT! Please remember:
– No signs. T-shirts with your homeschool logo will be fine to wear and we will exercise modesty and respectful behavior.
– No video recording and no picture taking. It is okay before or after the hearing, but not during.
– Drinks and food that are not messy and distracting are allowable for the children.
– As you make plans, consider how your little ones will behave during this time period for 2 hours long. There is no overflow with video feed.

Also, Please continue to call or email your state representative about revising our homeschool laws. Legislatures in 25 states have revised their previously enacted homeschool laws to make them less restrictive and burdensome for parents. Pennsylvania ‘s law has remained unchanged.

Below are the names of the co-sponsors of HB1013. Thank these men/women (Republicans and one Democrat), for their support. If your legislator is not on the list, contact them and politely tell them why they should support HB1013.

1. Rep. Mark Gillen – prime sponsor
2. Rep. Ryan Aument
3. Rep. Jim Cox
4. Rep. Gordon Denlinger
5. Rep. Jaret Gibbons
6. Rep. Mauree Gingrich
7. Rep. Rob Kauffman
8. Rep. John Lawrence
9. Rep. Kurt Masser
10. Rep. Daryl Metcalfe
11. Rep. David Millard
12. Rep. Harry Readshaw
13. Rep. Will Tallman

If you need help to know what to say, here’s a sample script:

Please vote for House Bill 1013 which would improve the homeschool law of Pennsylvania. It would remove the unnecessary double evaluation of home education programs and streamline administrative procedures for both school districts and parents.

Contact information of all Pennsylvania legislators are

Thank you for your help!  We trust that this good news inspires you to keep pressing on. All the phone calls, emails, visits, and the pies that sweetened our cause has made its impact before our legislators.  Stay strong and courageous and keep praying!

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