CHAP 2014 Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 2014 CHAP Art, Essay, Scholarship and Science Fair Contest Winners! Thank you to all who participated and shared your talents with CHAP.  Keep up the hard work and hope to see you at the 2015 CHAP Convention!  The 2014 CHAP Contest Winners are as follows:


Leigh A. Genasevich Memorial Scholarship

1st $1,000 – Cassandra Rummel

2nd $500 – Mark Hamilton



Group A (ages 10-14)

1st Isaac Patton

2nd Aviendha Fogie

3rd Nathaniel Wolf


Group B (ages 15-18)

1st Jeremy Damiano

2nd Stephanie Hamilton

3rd Olivia Cockley


Art – Photography

Group A (ages 10-14)

1st Abraham Baer

2nd Savannah Stitt

3rd Anna Madagan


Group B (ages 15-18)

1st David Crizer

2nd Collin Inners

3rd Stephanie Hamilton


Art – Pen/Pencil/Pastels/Paint

Group A (ages 10-14)

1st Abigail Martin

2nd Amanda Zook

3rd Amanda Zook


Group B (ages 15-18)

1st Nicole Leubecker

2nd Miriam Nell

3rd Rebekah Stiles


Science Fair

Group A (ages 11-14)

1st Josiah Greene

2nd Micah Beideman

3rd Elijah Schreiber


Group B (ages 15-18)

1st Ben Baddorf

2nd Margaret Brice

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