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UPDATE: May 29, 2014

We were informed that HB1013 will be voted out of committee by early June. We need your help! We will have to double our efforts to get it through the full House and Senate before the end of June. Get the latest update at CHAPLegislativeAction.blogspot.com.

Some of our legislators need more information about homeschooling and what HB1013 is about. We have useful maps and informative fliers – that you can download and print – to help your family learn how to lobby and educate your legislators.


Making Law In Pennsylvania 

HB 1013 Potential Taxpayer Savings

NHERI-Research Facts On Homeschooling


Comparison of Home School State Laws – HSLDA color map

Comparison of Home School State Laws


So, make an appointment to meet with your State Representative as soon as possible. Their contact information is here www.pasen.gov. If you don’t know who s/he is, enter your address here and it will show you all the pertinent information you need: HERE

Our State Representatives are at the Capitol in Harrisburg Monday until Wednesday and at their district offices on Thursday and Friday.

They are open for a visit and your voice carries the most weight to them if you are their constituent. Each one of them in the House is also up for re-election this year so bring friends and family when you make the appointment. There is power in numbers.

Print all the information above that you think will help. When you meet with them, express your appreciation of their public service. If you feel up to it, bake them something from your own kitchen to show goodwill. Then, urge them to sign on to House Bill 1013 as you explain the information on the fliers that you want to leave them for consideration. If they really support your homeschooling choice, they will sign on as co-sponsor.

Before you leave, tell them that you appreciate their time and will call back to remind them of your request — knowing that they have thousands of bills and resolutions to consider.

Do not settle for a verbal agreement. Keep calling them until they say that they have signed on. If they won’t commit, ask them why so you can address their concern. If you’re not sure how to respond, email us.

We have a very short window of opportunity to get this passed.

Please email cmoore@chaponline.com with your experience and their response to help us know who to focus on as we track the votes and plan our steps.

Go with God!



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