HB 1013 Will NOT Change Homeschoolers’ Choice to Receive a Diploma from a Diploma Program

PA House Bill 1013 Updates by Corie Moore

There is a gross misunderstanding about the amendment on HB 1013.  An email has been received by many homeschoolers which is arousing anxiety and causing dissension among homeschoolers.  This email is not based on accurate information. Please help us disseminate this clarification. We would like to particularly request that if you respond to the source of the email, please do so with kindness.

HSLDA clarifies that HB 1013 does not affect the legitimacy of a diploma issued by an educational entity – such as a diploma program — that is already recognized by the state. HB 1013 simply adds a new “pathway” for homeschoolers to receiving a state-recognized high school diploma that is accessible to homeschooling parents. This new pathway is optional and parents may still choose to issue diplomas directly or they may still choose to use a diploma program.  Neither of these options have been removed from the existing homeschool law.

PA State Representative Mark Gillen wants to assure anyone concerned about their homeschool diploma program that it will NOT be affected by the bill or his amendment. He has met several times with the Education Committee Executive Directors in the legislature and they assured him that this will in no way affect any of the diploma programs that are currently recognized by the State of Pennsylvania.

So, HB 1013 simply affirms that every loving and committed parent has the ability to properly educate their own children. Considering the fact that Pennsylvania is already the second most regulated state, HB 1013 makes a provision that every law-compliant-family’s-parent-issued-diploma receives equal standing as that of the public school diploma.

We all know that there is a growing threat on our children being directed against parental rights and authority. We also know that it has not only been in Germany and Sweden. We are aware that it has been alarmingly real within our borders and our home State. It is imperative that we unite in protecting our God-given responsibility and liberty as homeschooling families.

Our passion to make homeschooling less burdensome is what drives us to pass HB 1013. Any opposing view will naturally work against us but how unfortunate if it’s based on misunderstanding and business self-interest rather than opposition to principles in parent-directed education. It is imperative that we get the proper information out so we covet your time and energies to reach out to fellow homeschoolers at this time. The truth sets us free.


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