HB1013 Update on the progress

PA House Bill 1013 Updates by Corie Moore [June 4, 2014]

This is going to be informal and will be updated as I get more information. Please bear with us as we wait to get more clarification.
The House Education Committee voted House Bill 1013 out of committee with 18/25 members’ support — all the Republicans and 3 of the Democrats. That is an awesome number in my opinion.

Unfortunately, it was amended and we don’t know exactly yet how it affected the original text.

Please pray that the bill is not watered down; and that if at all possible, we can negotiate an acceptable change — with unity if we must strike a compromise.

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UPDATE FROM HSLDA ON THE AMENDMENT: It doesn’t change anything in the original bill about removing superintendents from evaluations. It changes the provisions for getting a homeschool diploma, but I don’t think any of these are too burdensome. It doesn’t give the Dept. of Ed. any authority to determine whether a student is entitled to a diploma. It just standardizes the form for the diploma. ~Dee Black

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* Please make a point to thank each of the Republican Representatives (Rep. Mike Fleck was on leave and missed the vote) in the Education Committee, as well as Democratic Representatives – Mike Carroll, James Clay, Jr., and Jake Wheatley, Jr., for their votes. It will give them a shot of encouragement they seldom receive as we continue the CHAP tradition of appreciating and honoring our legislators… even without a pie.

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Representative Mark Gillen sends his greetings to everyone! I thanked him for his hard work on the bill. Please send him you gratitude as well.

With regards to his amendment, why did he amend his own bill? Of the four amendments, his was the only one of the four that passed. His goal was to strengthen everything included in the bill. He really wants the legislature to know that homeschooling is fraught with interference in Pennsylvania.

The legislation, if passed, directs PDE to draft a form that we can use so that colleges like Penn State does not have to go through a gaggle of different forms from homeschool graduates applying for enrollment.

He’s returning to Harrisburg tomorrow, instead of going to his district office, to continue to assess the situation. Like all other bills, HB1013 went to the Rules Committee today. It’s one way House Leadership evaluates whether a bill is worth scheduling for a vote on the floor. There is no need to lobby them specifically, but we can continue to reach our to everybody in the House to support HB1013.

He expressed that the budget is the dominant voice – the heavy weight – of all issues at the moment. He will call CHAP if there are other steps he’d recommend to bring HB1013 to the finish line.

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