Immediate Action Needed on HB1013

PA House Bill 1013 Updates by Corie Moore
We have less than two weeks left to move House Bill 1013 onto the State House floor. We at CHAP are doing everything we can. Now it’s up to you! We need 1,000 homeschoolers to call and email a hundred legislators each week for the next two weeks. If 100 Representatives receive 10 phone calls and ten emails per week showing support for HB1013, we believe the bill will move forward. If this does not happen, it will sit, then expire!
Individually, all you need to do is call your Representative and 9 others of your choice – ones from districts surrounding your own. Email them first, then, follow up with a phone call to have more impact. As we are serious about getting rid of the superintendent portfolio review every year, it must happen! This is a numbers game. (The squeaky wheel gets the grease!)
Sample Text for your Calls and Emails:
Hello my name is _______________. Would Representative ________________ be available? (If not, explain to the staff person what you want – they are the eyes and ears of your legislator or ask to be called back if possible.)


I’m a homeschooler and would like to ask you, (Representative ______________) to support House Bill 1013. This is a bill that will make it easier to homeschool in our state. I support this bill because ____________ (give your brief personal reason and story).


The bill has 3 basic benefits: 1) homeschoolers will no longer have to be re-evaluated and submit our portfolios to the school district; 2) the bill will bring recognition of parent issued diplomas who are in compliance to the law; 3) it will allow continued home education while addressing grievances between the school district and the parents.
(See talking points below or you can get more details using  CHAPs info online.)


HB1013 was just voted out of Committee and I would like to see it be put on the schedule for the full house to discuss. Could I ask you to support this bill and encourage the House leadership to put it on the agenda? (Get a commitment)
(If submitting by email, sign your name with your phone number)
Talking points:
  • School district portfolio re-evaluation is unnecessary because we are thoroughly assessed by a state credentialed evaluator beforehand.
  • HB1013 will strengthen school choice by diminishing hurdles for loving parents who wish to raise and educate their own children.
  • HB1013 removes the discrimination against parent directed, privately funded home-based schooling.
  • PA currently has the second most restrictive homeschooling laws in the nation.
  • HB1013 will save taxpayers millions
  • Homeschool students do well in states with or without regulation.
“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” [Galatians 5:1, NIV]

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