How to Talk to Your Legislator


We are now working on moving HB 1013 through the Senate.  The pressure must be intense and immediate.

Please call or email each member of the PA Senate Education Committee first (directory below), then call the other PA state senators.

What to say:

“Hi, my name is ______________ and I’m a homeschool (parent, graduate, supporter, etc).  I’m calling today regarding House Bill 1013, which was passed in the House in June. May I have a few minutes to speak with you about why it is important for the Senate to pass this bill?”


TELL each senator:

  • That you are a homeschooling parent who is excited that the bill passed through the House with nearly 66% support and that you are calling the senator because s/he is on the Senate Education Committee and you would like her/him to support, concur with, and work to pass the bill without amendments.
  • That HB 1013 alleviates the requirement that school district superintendents perform redundant, time-consuming and expensive second-evaluations of homeschool students’ portfolios, which are already thoroughly evaluated by a professional with credentials which are spelled out by existing PA homeschool laws.

(Benefit:  The school districts save both time and money by not having to re-review hundreds of homeschool portfolios.  Homeschool families do not have to spend extra time delivering and picking up the portfolios from schools.)

  • That current homeschool graduates do not receive state-issued high school diplomas, which causes difficulty when applying to colleges, applying for financial aid, joining the military, and applying for employment. 
  • That HB 1013 gives homeschool graduates who meet all of PA’s extensive educational requirements the right to a state-issued diploma.

(Benefit:  This will end discrimination against homeschooled high school graduates who meet or exceed all of PA’s homeschooling requirements but do not currently receive a diploma for their efforts.)

ASK each senator:

  • To support, concur with, and pass HB 1013 in the Senate without any amendments by bringing the bill right to the Senate leadership for vote.

(Note: Support, concur, and pass are very important, otherwise the whole process of the bill starts over again!  ASK and PRAY for the bill to move through the Senate in its current form!)


Please email our CHAP Legislative Coordinators at and let them know the responses from the senators you contact.


PA Senate Education Committee:

 Name Harrisburg Phone  Local Phone  Response
Sen. Mike Folmer (R) (717) 787-5708 (717) 274-6735
Sen. Andrew Dinniman (D) (717) 787-5709 (610) 692-2112
Sen. Lloyd Smucker (R) (717) 787-6535 (717) 397-1309
Sen. Joseph Scarnati III (R) (717) 787-7084 (814) 265-2030(570) 723-5119(814) 837-1026
Sen. Patrick Brown (R) (717) 787-1349 (610) 821-8468
Sen. Jake Corman (R) (717) 787-1377 (814) 355-0477
Sen. Stewart Greenleaf (R) (717) 787-6599 (215) 657-7700
Sen. Robert Tomlinson (R) (717) 787-5072 (215) 638-1784(215) 752-6763
Sen. Daylin Leach (D) (717) 787-5544 (610) 768-4200
Sen. Rob Teplitz (D) (717) 787-6801 (717) 232-2937
(717) 896-7714
Sen. Anthony Williams (D) (717) 787-5970 (215) 492-2980



After you have contacted the PA Senate Education Committee members above, please contact the remaining Senate members.  Contact information can be found at: or this Word document download Senate Database .

Please call and Thank the following House Representatives for supporting the HB 1013: Vote outcome from June 29, 2014 of the HB 1013.



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