Board Members


RickAndBarbRick and Barb Beideman have been homeschooling for the past fourteen years. Their approach has been eclectic and God has blessed them with many wonderful opportunities to grow and learn in this homeschool adventure. Their older son is in college and their younger son is in high school. They started a support group in Pittsburgh called FINS Barb has also been an evaluator for the past fourteen years. She enjoys providing encouragement and support to fellow homeschoolers. Rick is the principal software developer at Chemlmage. He started the robotics team (with much help) and also runs a literary club for homeschool teens. Rick and Barb serve together on the CHAP Advisory Board.

bruce&maryBruce and Mary Ann Eagleson exclusively homeschooled their four children from birth until the present. All are graduated in the formal sense of the word, but everyone in the Eagleson household is still homeschooling in some way. All four of the children have graduated from college, one earned a PhD, and others are looking into graduate school. Bruce is a emergency physician working as an assistant chief of staff at the Lebanon, PA Veterans hospital, and sees himself as a homeschool evangelist. He is recognized nationally as the founding chairman of the national homeschool advocacy group, The Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership. Mary Ann also serves on the board of the Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership, and has been involved with several home education co-ops in participant as well as leadership roles, one of which started in their basement. Before marriage and children, Mary Ann earned a Masters Degree with a focus in Christian Education, worked as a Director of Christian Education in her church and in a regional Christian education resource center for a major Christian denomination. She writes curriculum from time to time for their church and other venues, and has served as a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) mentor. Both Bruce and Mary Ann teach and speak in their church and other settings as the Lord leads. Their greatest joy is that all of the children, by the grace of God and aware of the fraility of man, are following after Him. The oldest two, Hannah and Nate, are now married to solid believers, Nathan and Stephanie respectively, who were also homeschooled. Bruce and Mary Ann are the proud grandparents of James (parents: Nate and Stephanie), whose parents are committed to homeschooling him!

RothgabersDoug and Nada Rothgaberhave been happily married since 1973. God really changed their lives when their son came along in 1984. Both were trained and worked as professional educators and look what God did! When they first heard about homeschooling, they thought it would never work. Doug is a graduate of Penn State University where he had the privilege of playing football under the legendary Joe Pa. Being an nontraditional learner himself, Doug has always had a passion for education outside the box of the public school system. Nada received her undergraduate degree and did her graduate work at Penn State. She taught for 13 years in both the public schools and at the college level. They had one son, Joshua, a homeschool graduate.. The Lord took him home in 2010 in a tragic accident. Doug and Nada served on the Board of the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania (CHAP) since 1995.Over the years, Doug has served in various capacities such as web master, Treasurer, and the coordinator of the CHAP Convention registration. Additionally, He and Nada spent numerous vacation days on Capitol Hill on behalf of homeschoolers when CHAP was actively attempting to change the homeschool law around the turn of the century. Over the years, Nada has also served in a variety of capacities: Board secretary, coordinator of the CHAP lobby day, and the convention speaker coordinator.Since Doug’s early retirement from Penn State University’s Medical School, they have been traveling in their motorhome. They spend winters in the warm southwest working with homeschoolers in Texas and summers in the north. In January of 2009 they stepped down from the CHAP Board in order to continue to serve Pennsylvania homeschoolers in a different capacity, Nada being the convention coordinator for the CHAP Homeschool Convention. In July of 2012, they returned to the CHAP Board to serve Pennsylvania. In August 2014, Nada was asked to serve as the CHAP Convention Coordinator and Doug as Registration Coordinator once again and so they are currently serving on the CHAP Advisory Board and in the convention positions as they still travel in their motorhome. They count it a blessing to still serve homeschoolers even though they have been retired from the trenches of personal homeschooling for over 12 years.

Bastedo 1-13-13 598Brad and Kathy have been homeschooling their son exclusively for 11 years, believing that Christian homeschooling is an excellent way to train and raise the next generation of Christians. This is a unique opportunity to provide a Christianeducation tailored to the needs and abilities of each child. Brad is the Senior Chief Deputy Public Defender of Bucks County,PA and is active in his church teaching Bible study and serving as an elder. Before their son came along, Kathy worked for an insurance company and earned a business degree. In the past she served as a Sunday school teacher and VBS director.

steve and gingerSteve and Ginger Wayde have been married since 1999, experiencing 13 years of God’s transforming work in their married life. Through the leading of the Lord, they have embraced God’s call to be passionate about discipling their children and growing in the Lord as a family unit. They have been homeschooling their five children for six years. Together, Steve and Ginger have served in children’s ministry and family ministry. Ginger has also participated in music ministry.

Steve is an IT professional in Higher Education. He dedicates his time to leading and supporting his family, bringing them up in the training and admonition of the Lord. Ginger has been involved with local homeschool co-ops as a participant, leaders, and drama director.

Steve and Ginger look forward to their continuing adventure with God.

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