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Carlita Boyles is a Christian wife and mother, and the author of the new homeschool math curriculum, Math on the Level. Together with her husband, John, who is the editor and illustrator, she has developed a program that gives parents the tools to teach their children at each child’s level of maturation using real-life family-centered activities instead of textbooks. Carlita has a passion for helping parents confidently teach children in the way that the children learn best.. Her interest in helping homeschooling parents is a reflection of her background in education. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development and a Master of Arts degree in Special Education. She also holds a California Multiple Subjects teaching credential and a California Specialist in Learning Disabilities credential. For over 12 years, Carlita taught in California public schools, primarily in classes for children with learning disabilities, and has worked as both a Resource Specialist and a Special Day Class teacher. With the birth of her oldest daughter in 1993, she left the public school setting to become a homeschooling mother.

Since 2007, when Math on the Level was introduced, Carlita has been traveling across the country with her family, speaking at homeschool conventions and encouraging parents. Her talks have brought hope and confidence to struggling families.

She and John live in Windsor, California where they continue to homeschool their three delightful children who are in now in junior and senior high school.

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