Get Connected

Don’t try to homeschool alone. Just as God told us to fellowship with one another to strengthen our faith, we should fellowship with other like-minded homeschoolers to sustain our commitment to our children’s education. Other homeschoolers can be a great source of information, encouragement and help as you begin homeschooling.

You can use the CHAP system to find a support group in your area, but we encourage you first to look for other homeschoolers in your church. The church, being your source of spiritual encouragement, is also the best source of “moral support” for your family. If your church does not share your commitment to home education, there are other support groups and associations that provide help, social opportunities, and encouragement.

Part of getting started and getting connected to others will include attending workshops or conferences where other homeschool families meet and share. The CHAP convention every May is a must for thousands of homeschoolers who want to stay connected to like-minded homeschool families.

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