Questions to Ask

…When Considering an Evaluator

Make a list of evaluators you will consider.

Make notes of any comments your homeschool friends give you about these evaluators.

Contact these evaluators to arrange to meet them, or at least talk with them by phone.

Questions to ask:

  • What do you want me to bring to the evaluation?
  • What kind of log and samples are you expecting to see from me?
  • I use unit studies (or whatever type of curriculum you do use). Are you familiar with this? Do you have any reservations about evaluating a family who uses this method/approach?
  • When do you prefer to give evaluations?
  • When do you want me to contact you to set a date for the evaluation?
  • Where will the evaluation be held?
  • How long will the evaluation last?
  • How long after the evaluation will it take to get the written evaluation to me?
  • What do you charge for an evaluation?
  • Do you offer discounts for siblings?
  • Do you see yourself as working for me, or for the school district?
  • Have you ever evaluated a family for whom you were not able to certify that an appropriate education was occurring, and why? How did you handle this?
  • Can you give me the name and contact information for other families that you evaluate?
  • Are you willing to communicate negative comments to me verbally, without including them in the written evaluation?
  • Will you give the written evaluation to me, or to my school district?

The answers to these questions should help you narrow your list down quite a bit.

Download these questions in PDF format, for printing

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