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It is CHAP’s pleasure to publish a list of testers. We do this as a public service. CHAP is not endorsing, recommending or advocating for any of the testers on the list. We cannot and do not investigate these testers. It is your sole responsibility to make arrangements with the testers. You should check their credentials and references and make your decision just as you would any other employee.

Dear Friend and Webpage reader,

Thank you for your interest in CHAP, homeschooling and support groups. We offer this page as a service to our members, friends and those in the community that need support and encouragement for undertaking their God-given responsibility to educate their children at home. We find that like most people, our groups value their right to privacy and have chosen to extend us the courtesy of using their names and contact information for the benefit of the homeschooling community, therefore we respectfully request that any reader of this page refrain from using these contacts for any other purpose than we have stated here. This would include using these names for business purposes even if seen as a benefit for the homeschooling community.


The CHAP Board of Directors


Please Note: CHAP lists these names on their assurance that they are bona fide. However, we cannot guarantee them. It is important that you exercise due diligence before associating with them.

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