Affidavit Form

Whether you are preparing to homeschool for the first time or you are getting ready for another great year, this affidavit form can be used to indicate that you will be homeschooling in Pennsylvania. Click here for a sample copy of an affidavit form.
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If your child has never attended first grade or above in a public school, you don’t need to file an affidavit for them until the school year following their eighth birthday. (If your child turns eight before or during the first two weeks of a school year, you’ll need to file an affidavit no later than his eighth birthday.) After that, the law requires you to file an affidavit each year you plan to homeschool, no later than August 1.

Philadelphia residents: Per HSLDA: School districts of the first class (only Philadelphia) may establish the compulsory school age at no earlier than six. Philadelphia lowered the age to six beginning with the 2008-2009 school year. This change does not apply to children whose parents plan to conduct a home education program for them and file a notice of same with the superintendent of the school district.

View the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania’s Homeschooling Brief for more information about the Affidavit and Pennsylvania’s Homeschool Law (Act 169).


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