Check List

Suggested Check List for Beginning Home Schooling

Only the last item is required by law.

______     Read the The Keys to Homeschooling in the Keystone State or the complete CHAP website for background information on “how-to” homeschool in Pennsylvania.

______     Write a brief summary of your reasons for homeschooling

______     Write a brief statement on socialization

______     Write a brief statement on your goals

______     Research curriculum and different methods of schooling and decide which method will work best for your family

______     Write brief objectives based on your goals and curriculum choices.

______     Make list of curriculum materials (one for each child)

______     Get a HSLDA application, fill it out, and mail it to HSLDA

______     Subscribe to a national and local home education magazine

______     Sign up for the CHAP Homeschool Convention (Friday and Saturday before Mother’s Day annually)

______     Complete an affidavit and other the forms for your school district.

______     Have the affidavit notarized and file it and the other necessary forms with the school district prior to commencing your homeschool program and by August 1 every year there after. An affidavit does not need to be filed until the child reaches the legal school age which, at this time in Pennsylvania, is 8 years of age.