When Must I Do What?


When do I have to file documents with my school district?

  • For a child who has never been in a school situation, nothing must be done until the child turns eight, unless you live in a school district of the first class (only Philadelphia), where you must file a notice of intent to conduct a home education program when your child turns six.

  • For a child who has been in public school during grade 1 or above, you must file your affidavit prior to starting homeschooling.
  • To continue homeschooling, you must file your new affidavit each year by August 1.

Who do I file with?

  • The superintendent of your local school district or their designated representative.

What documents must I file?

  • A completed affidavit that has been notarized. (A sample affidavit can be found here.)

  • An outline of proposed education objectives for each of the required subject areas for the level of instruction for each student. (If you have a child who has been identified by the school district as needing special education services, then the Individualized Education Plan must be substantiated by a qualified person.)
  • Evidence of the child’s immunization OR a notice of Medical Exemption due to religious beliefs. (See printable forms here on the CHAP website.)

Secure an evaluator who will be willing to do your child’s evaluation at the end of the year.

  • Make sure they are in agreement with your philosophy of home education.

What must I do during the school year?

  • Keep a contemporaneous log which designates by title the reading materials used.

  • Keep track of EITHER the number of hours spent in schooling time OR the number of days spent in schooling time.
  • Compile a portfolio of sample work accomplished by the student.

What do I have to do at the end of the school year?

  • Have a qualified evaluator of your choice give written substantiation which states that an appropriate education is occurring. (Act 169 says: Appropriate education shall mean a program consisting of instruction in the required subjects for the time required in this act and in which the student demonstrates sustained progress in the overall program.)
  • Under Act 196 of 2014, you are only required to submit the evaluator’s report to the superintendent of your school district by June 30. This is a change from the previous law, which required you to also submit your portfolio and your testing scores from 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade.
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