Joanne Calderwood


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Joanne Calderwood is an UNDERwhelmed mom of eight great kids, ages 12 through 24, homeschooling for 20 years and counting. As a former classroom teacher, Joanne had a meltdown when trying to homeschool her first four children with the classroom mentality. Then she began to allow her older children to work independently, and the results were so amazing that she began receiving requests to share her system of parenting & education which incorporates the tenets of self-learning and mastery. Results include perfect- and nearly-perfect SAT scorers, and four teens (so far) who have gone on to attend their first-choice colleges on full scholarships! Joanne is the best-selling author of The Self-Propelled Advantage, and The Self-Propelled Student Planners. She and her family present one-day Self-Propelled Advantage (SPA) Family Conferences across the country, and she is the heart behind Joanne loves helping moms (as well as entire families) become UNDERwhelmed while giving students an Advantage that lasts a lifetime.

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