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Melinda Boring has been a popular workshop speaker for over 15 years. She enjoys the privilege of sharing her personal and professional experience, humor, and compassion with others. Her presentations are packed with practical suggestions and her personable style gives fresh hope and perspective to experienced homeschoolers and newcomers alike. A willingness to openly relate her personal anecdotes leads to a special connection with the audience. Very often attendees’ feedback boils down to: “How long have you had a hidden camera in my home, because that is exactly what we deal with every day?” Melinda is an authorized Joyce Herzog workshop presenter. In addition to presenting workshops in multiple states and Europe, Melinda is an accomplished author. Her book, Heads Up Helping! has been a source of encouragement and hope for hundreds of people. For the past decade she has been a regular columnist in the Home Companion, a bimonthly publication of Christian Home Educators of Ohio. Her articles have been reprinted in a number of other magazines, online newsletters, and state homeschooling publications including Heart of the Matter online. Armed with a degree in education and her M.A. in speech/language pathology, Melinda and her husband felt led to homeschool their children. Recognizing that two of her children were struggling learners, Melinda applied herself to find ways to meet those needs as well as those of her typically developing child. Despite her many prayers, Melinda’s children continued to present her with challenges that made her become a better teacher than she wanted to have to be! As only God can, He now uses those difficult times to bless others through Melinda’s presentations as she shares over 18 years experience as a homeschooler. Melinda’s oldest two children graduated from their home school in May 2006, and her “baby” graduated in 2011. Although she is adjusting to life as an “empty desker”, she continues to serve the homeschool special-needs & struggling learner community. Melinda Boring, MA-CCC/SLP, also has over 25 years experience as a licensed and certified speech language pathologist. Melinda is owner and president of Heads Up! and can be reached at the address below or through the website

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