The Parable of the Pencil

I thought you may enjoy this inspirational story as many of you may be preparing for the new school year: A pencil maker took a pencil aside before passing him along to a student. “There are five important things you need to know before I send you out into the world,” he told the pencil. […]

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Todd Wilson – Special Guest!

When was the last time you smiled or really laughed?   You started this homeschooling thing because you thought it would be fun. But somewhere along the journey, the fun vanished, leaving behind frustration and feelings of failure. The problem is not that you don’t work hard enough, but that you’ve forgotten what really matters. […]

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HSLDA Membership – Why Join?

Sometimes we have people ask why it would be important to join the Home School Legal Defense Association as a member. Our response is that you may never need it, but what if you did. Read this story to see just one of the many benefits of being a part of HSLDA: Three Big Policemen […]

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How many hours

How many days/hours?

Here is a recently submitted question: I am wondering how many days/hours are required to count as a legal school year.  My son is five and is starting first grade at home, do I still need to count the days? He has never been registered in a school. Our best answer to your question based […]

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help homeschooling families in need

Sponsor a Homeschool Family

Dear Homeschool Friend, For less than $10 a month you can provide HSLDA membership for a struggling homeschool family. The Home School Foundation constantly hears from homeschool families who want to be members, but simply cannot afford it. If you believe that HSLDA membership is an important part of the homeschooling journey, please consider sponsoring […]

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The doctor… The principal… The judge… YOU are the parent, but they can say you’re OVERRULED (And if you haven’t been, you soon could be!) Find out more about the plundering of your parental rights and what you can do to preserve your role as the decision maker for your children! View the video short […]

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