Volunteers 2015

Volunteers Make a Difference!

The Convention cannot go on without YOU! CHAP is a primarilyvolunteer led organization. Please be praying how you can volunteer at the CHAP Convention and earn some valuable rewards.

What volunteer jobs are available at theConvention this year?

There are many volunteer jobs available! Some require a watchful eye. Some require a servant’s heart. Some require computer or cash register skills. All of them are important!

The available positions are divided into shifts of about 3 hours. Volunteer positions are available on a first-come basis and once a position is filled, it will not show up as available when you sign up on the website. Please select a different position if your first choice is not available.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Besides the joy of serving fellowhomeschoolers and helping to make the conventionpossible, CHAP expresses our appreciation of our volunteers through:

  • The CHAP Volunteer Rebate system, which allows you and your family toreceive a rebate of your entrance fee by volunteering.
  • Early Bird shopping at the Used CurriculumSale from 8:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m. Friday morning. (This time is reserved for our volunteers ONLY!)

What is a Super Volunteer? What additional benefits do Super Volunteers receive?

For years, CHAP has had several homeschool individuals and families who want to serve more than just a few hours at the convention. They choose to serve all day Friday and/or all day Saturday. Some even serve from setup Thursday morning until tear down Saturday evening! We call these servant-hearted people our Super Volunteers.

We provide our Super Volunteers with a packet containing bonus benefits such as free parking, free lunch, and other special goodies, as an expression of our gratitude for your generous service.

If you would like to serve as a Super Volunteer, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@chaponline.com to find out which areas are in need of all day volunteers.

How does the Volunteer Rebate System work?

  • A volunteer who works ONE 3-4 hour shift willreceive an Individual Registration Rebate**
  • Two family volunteers* who work TWO 3-4 hour shifts willreceivea Family Pair RegistrationRebate**
  • Three volunteers* who work THREE 3-4 hour shifts will receive a Family Registration Rebate**

*The second and third shifts can only be filledby family members who are registered for the convention. Our online sign-up system will NOT allow the same volunteer to sign up for two jobs. Thankyou!

**If you registered at Early Bird prices (on or before February 28th) you will receive a rebate equivalent to Early Bird prices. If you registered on or after April 1st, you willreceive a rebate equivalent toStandard prices.

If you register for a volunteer job online, your rebate check will be given at the convention. However, if you waituntil you come to the convention to sign up for avolunteer job, your check will be issued after convention and sent via the postal service, as we will need time to process these rebates. We encourage everyone to sign up now, butunderstand that sometimes you will notknow your availability until you arrive at the convention.

How Do I Volunteer?

First, you will need to register for the convention. Once you have registered and paid, you will see an option to move on to the Volunteer page.

Select your name or the name of the family member who will be serving as a volunteer and then select the day and the shift desired. You will then be able to browse the volunteer positions that are available to serve during that shift.

Select the job you wish to volunteer for and confirm that selection. You may then move onto the next volunteer in your family, or choose to complete your volunteer sign up. You will receive an automatic email containing the job description of the position you chose and volunteer information. Please read them! (If you do not receive an email or you have lost it, please contact volunteer@chaponline.com)

What do I do if I need to change my job or time slot?

Sign in to your conference registration, and then go the Volunteer page. Select the name of the volunteer and then select a new job or time slot. The system only allows one job per name so it will make the change and you will receive another automatic email with the job details.

What if I find I can’t serve and need to cancel my volunteer shift?

If in the event of sickness, work, severe weather, or urgent family needs you find you cannot fulfill your volunteer shift, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@chaponline.com. Thank you!


A HUGE THANK YOU to the many who have volunteered with CHAP over the years. We appreciate your sacrifice in order to support the homeschooling community.


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