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Q & A On New Homeschool Law

PD1_7160CHAP is an acronym for Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania, a nonprofit corporation founded to encourage and support families interested in home education. CHAP assists parents in understanding and fulfilling the law’s requirements and is affiliated with three national organizations: Home School Legal Defense Association, The Alliance, and The National Center for Home Education. CHAP provides leadership and direction on issues facing Christian homeschoolers on a national and statewide basis.

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End-Of-School-Year Letter

CHAP has created the following letter to assist you with transitioning to the new end-of-school-year requirements which were signed into law by Governor Corbett on October 31, 2014.

This is a cover letter to submit to the school district superintendent with copies of the evaluator’s certifications.

You will note that the letter is brief and to the point. CHAP strongly urges homeschool educators to provide school districts with only the information required by law. This prevents school districts from becoming intrusive and demanding information which is outside of the scope of the law.

CHAP also strongly advises that you maintain copies of the evaluator’s certification(s) and the letter to the superintendent, and either submit the paperwork by certified mail or obtain a written receipt if you hand-deliver the end-of-year paperwork to the school district offices.


Letter to Superintendent

Positions Available

The CHAP Convention would not go on without the hundreds of faithful volunteers who give of their time at the Convention and year round. Do you desire to make a difference, do something you love, and serve homeschoolers at the same time? CHAP has volunteer and paid openings for the 2016 CHAP Convention. All of these positions require the general qualities of strong written and verbal communication skills along with excellent computer, interpersonal, and organizational skills being a necessity. CHAP encourages each coordinator to develop a team of members to assist in the various aspects of work for each committee so the workload is not carried by one person.

A list of volunteer positions can be found here.

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